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1 a small space or subdivision for storage
2 a partitioned section or separate room within a larger enclosed area

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First attested 1564, from compartiment, from Italian compartimento, from compartiri "to divide," from com- + part.


  • AHD: [kəm-pärtmənt]


  1. A room, or section, or chamber
  2. One of the parts in which an area is subdivided.


part into which an area is subdivided

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alcove, bay, below, between-decks, boiler room, booth, box, brig, bunker, cabin, caboose, camboose, cavity, cell, cellule, chamber, chart room, conning tower, crib, crypt, cubicle, division, enclosed space, engine room, forecastle, forepeak, galley, head, hold, hole, hollow, lazaret, locker, manger, niche, part, partition, pew, pilothouse, quarters, radio room, roundhouse, sail loft, section, sick bay, slot, space, stall, stateroom, stokehold, topside, vault, wardroom
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